EPUC Academic Vice President

EPUC Academic Vice President
Ato Ayele Mulugeta

Message of Academic President

I believe that EPUC has contributed a lot in building the capacity of the police institution of Ethiopia for the last 65 years. EPUC will continue to do so with increased vigor and a broad vision of becoming the center of excellence in training and education in the field of Police Science and Security Studies in East Africa.

 Recently, we have been doing our level best to improve the quality of our education, training, research and consultancy services; to diversify our programs; to improve our customer care; to increase our gender sensitivity; to maintain the dynamism of our curricula and to be responsive to the needs of our customers .

It is a great opportunity that we have launched our own website at this great era of information and technology. Now we will not only see the world but also the world can see us. Hence, I would like to congratulate all EPUC Management, Academic and Administrative staff who contributed their share and are still contributing to bring up the EPUC to its current status.

Taking this opportunity I would like to call up on viewers of this website to feel free to give us their feedback on our programs and activities and also to contact our web master for any queries they have.

Ayele Mulugeta,

Academic Vice President.

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